Recapping the 4 Steps to America’s Deliverance

2C71AD Has been the cry of this movement.  It’s a simple equation that represents the concept of

2 Chronicles 7:14 being America’s Deliverance!

This is the ONLY promise in God’s Word (Our Source Document for all that we need for Life and Godliness! 2 Peter 1:1-4) where God promises to HEAL OUR LAND.

He WILL heal our land (along with hearing us and forgiving us) IF, I must emphasize, IF we will do the following four steps in our individual lives:

“IF my People (The Church), which are called by my Name (Christians today, Israel in the OT times) will………

1) Humble themselves – Humility is going to be the second hardest commandment for us to obey.  We are NOT humble, and if you think you ARE, then you’ve just lost your humility.  Humility is to recognize that our very best, our highest level of personal righteousness, is nothing better than a pile filthy, menstrual rags (the example given by God in the Old Testament!).  We need to know that apart from Christ, we are nothing, can do nothing….ARE NOTHING!  Humbling ourselves means that we recognize others as better than ourselves.  We aren’t better than others. No way.  And we certainly aren’t like the Laodiceans in Revelation chapter 3:14-ff.  We are not humble when we feel that we are rich and have need of nothing, no one. We can do on our own.  We can accomplish on our own. We are good, and we don’t need God.  That’s NOT humility!

2) And Pray  – This one seems so simple.  But think about your current prayer life.  Or, would it be more accurate to call it a prayer “moment” instead of a “life”?  Before we can reach real humility with God, we will have to pray.  Before we can do the other two commands, we will have to do them via the vehicle of prayer.  We don’t pray. Not really.  Maybe at meals, maybe at bedtimes.  Certainly we will cry out when in trouble. But to say that most of us have a consistent, regular, RELATIONAL prayer life with God…, we don’t.  Before we are going to see God heal our land, we are going to see Him in prayer.

3) Seek my face – This is terminology used often in the Word. But what does it mean to seek God’s face?  We definitely know what it means to seek His “hand”!  Seeking His face is just what it sounds like it is.  When you get into someone’s face, you have gotten super close to them. You’ve gotten into their PRESENCE!  Seeking God’s face means to see Him up close, to get in His PRESENCE, to look TO Him.  One of the most romantic and moving experiences I ever had with my wife was to sit quietly with her as we simply stared into each others face!  It is getting quiet before God and not asking Him FOR anything but simply longing to KNOW Him and be in His presence.  Try it. You’ll find you love it.

4) And Turn from their Wicked Ways – OK!  THIS is the hardest.  First of all, most people feel that they’ve done nothing “wicked”.  Wicked things are reserved, in our minds, for those baby killers, sexual perverts, etc. But when we look at the list of items in God’s Word that He defines as wicked in His sight, we find lying, not being thankful, disobedient to parents, along with sexual sins, murder, etc, etc.  The Biggest problem we will have to obtaining Healing For Our Land is that far too many of us will feel we aren’t wicked, and thus, have nothing to “turn from”!  Before I was born again, God had to adjust my thinking about myself.  I said I was a sinner, but I didn’t really believe that I had truly sinned against God. We must ALL realize that we are living wickedly before God in this country!  55 million babies killed in their mother’s womb since 1973……The President and now the Supreme Court has declared that which God calls an abomination as being not only as OK, but desirable and demanded that it be acceptable to us all (homosexuality – forget what society says about it.  Read the Bible for your self and see what GOD has to say about it!).  We ARE a wicked people.  Murder is on the rise.  Divorce is at an all time high. Child abuse is rampant. Human sex trafficking is becoming a major item in this country.  I could go on and on and on.  We should NEVER debate the face of whether or not we are a wicked people with wicked ways!  GOD SAYS TO TURN FROM THEM!  God says to REPENT! That is His ONLY answer for what to do with wickedness.  And remember dear reader, He is saying this to HIS CHURCH! The People who bear HIS NAME!  We of ALL people on the planet should know what it is to repent of sin, and should be ready to do so in order to see healing.  Go to God NOW, get on your knees and cry out to Him for pardon and cleansing from the wickedness of your life and the life of your nation!

These are the FOUR PATHS to healing in our nation.  We will NEVER see our nation healed, restored, re-engaged with GOD unless we, GOD’S PEOPLE, the CHURCH, lead the way in obedience to these four steps.

I am trying daily to make sure that these steps are obeyed in my life.  Will you join me?  Will you care enough about the ONLY GUARANTEED PROMISE WE HAVE FROM GOD TO FIX OUR NATION, and be willing to do these four things to see it happen?


I pray so.


It is our ONLY hope!


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