Wow! The “Left” is already attacking!

Well, I knew the attacks would come, but never thought they would have happened this fast.

My old “friends”‘ at Right Wing Watch, a division of People for the American Way, has placed a derogatory headline story about this blog and our beginning efforts. (

Their story mocking our call to revival, is very diagnostic for our cause in seeing just how far our world has fallen away from traditional American/Christian thought. When its a worthy effort to mock a minister’s call to the nation to return to God, using 2Chronicles 7:14 as the Scriptural basis for that call, it helps us see where we are spiritually.

This is America, and it is their freedom to disagree and even to mock us. I actually applaud their freedom to express themselves negatively against our call to spiritual repentance. For as long as they have the first amendment right to mock us, we will also have that same freedom and right to continue our call to the nation.

I ask my readers to pray for Mr. Tashman. Not that he necessarily needs to come around to our way of thinking about everything. I don’t know the Gentleman personally. But I pray that he and others who may oppose the call for national repentance would in fact understand how great the need really is and realize God’s great and grace-filled power to make things better for us as a people, a nation!

Remember that God loves all men. He died for ALL that we might experience His love and receive His gift of pardon. (John 3:16, 5:24, Romans 5:8) We aren’t ‘better’ than anyone. I’ve been in as great a need for God’s saving grace as anyone’s ever been. Thank God He stands ready to give His free gift of pardon and life to any who will simply receive it.

That’s what I wish with all my heart for anyone who may honor us by taking the time to read our humble thoughts!

God’s richest blessings to ALL who have found this site because of RWW’s story. May you join us in praying that God would heal our land (2Chron. 7:14)! And my thanks to RWW for helping spread the word, even if they meant a more negative result by doing so.


One thought on “Wow! The “Left” is already attacking!

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