I made a Plea

The other day, I made a plea.  I made a plea to all of the wonderful Christian brothers and sisters of Color that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the years.  

I boldly asked them to please continue to witness the life changing power of Jesus to any Blacks who might be racist!

I humbly promised to do the same to any Whites who might be racist.

I also promised to be more humble about life myself. 

Why? Well, when I heard the interview that Oprah gave saying that the old white racists had to DIEEEEE, my heart sunk.  When I read of the Boston University Professor, who happened to be black,  that said that young white makes were a problem race, my heart sunk.  When I have seen the masses on TV from Ferguson to Baltimore stomping the streets screaming that white cops had to die, my heart STOPPED! 

I know these folk have seen and heard about massive racism toward their race in days past.  And who knows, they may have even endured it themselves. 

BUT, the answer to White racism is NOT to institute violent, reverse Black on White racism! 

I know that the ONLY answer to any racism is the life changing power of Jesus Christ the Lord! That is the answer that I want others to hear and know so badly.  I know some Blacks think this kind of statement is racist itself, BUT, I have many black Christian friends.  They have demonstrated to me a loving, accepting and forgiving Spirit that quells any racist thoughts or anger!  They have shown me that my color means NOTHING to them, as theirs means nothing to me.  We are just God’s Kids and we love each other!

I pray that the Jesus who IS the answer becomes the answer to our world soon.  Before our racist tendencies wreck us beyond repair.


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