Dr. Buster Wilson

Bio: Dr. Buster Wilson (D.Min.) is married to the former Pat Robertson for over 41 years, and they have two wonderful girls, Amberly Anne Collins, and Whitney Blomberg; two great son-in-laws, Matt Collins and Duane Blomberg, and 4 wonderful grandchildren! Currently he is the Sr. Pastor of New Prospect Baptist Church and has been in the Gospel ministry ever since being called of God in 1971. He has served as pastor, evangelist (having preached over 120 revival meetings and walking nearly 1000 miles with a 12 foot wooden Cross promoting Jesus in 2000). He has used both broadcast and law enforcement as ministry tools and outlets. Buster's theological stance can best be described as, "saved by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus alone"! His 40 plus year history in professional Broadcasting in both radio and TV, has led him from dejaying, to station ownership, to management and production of syndication programing. He was once the general manager of a 200 station strong radio network. Buster has also pursued his love of law enforcement as a state certified Deputy and chaplain, and is in fact a retired law enforcement officer. Buster loves Jesus, loves having fun, and is committed to family, ministry and the Word of God. "It is with great honor to me that you have taken the time to read my thoughts. Thank you and please, read my section on being right with God. May God bless you richly!" Buster Wilson

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